Sell-Side Advisory

We understand that people are the most vital asset our clients manage, and thus focus on structuring M&A transactions that provide the optimal outcome in financial terms as well as from a corporate culture standpoint. We believe the greatest success is realized by aligning leadership, investment strategy, growth initiatives, and both short-term and long-term objectives.

For each sell-side engagement, our experienced deal team completes an exhaustive financial analysis to pinpoint the firm’s pre-transaction value. We perform the analysis from multiple perspectives simultaneously while incorporating the latest and most sophisticated valuation techniques, industry and market metrics, and other key data inputs.

Overall, our experienced investment bankers work as your trusted partners in negotiating and structuring a transaction to meet your precise needs. We know that realizing the highest transactional value involves a strategy that rewards goal achievement, and capably assists management in structuring earn-outs and other types of forward-looking compensation triggers. This includes cash-vs.-stock considerations and mechanisms that allow our clients to participate in the future growth of a firm.

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