Reorganization Services

The Great Recession has brought turbulence to businesses of all sizes. Financial and operational issues triggered by internal and external economic factors can produce a severe liquidity crisis that can push a company to the brink. Madison Street Capital excels in identifying and implementing the best strategies to preserve value for a troubled business while simultaneously addressing the interests of creditors and lenders. We understand the intricacies involved in reorganizing a firm from conception with shareholders through pre- and post-planning with creditors, lenders, suppliers, and the bankruptcy court system. A bankruptcy filing is a last resort; therefore, choosing the best pre-bankruptcy strategy requires expert advice and counsel such as that offered by Madison Street Capital. We are an investment banking firm with experience in various financial areas, allowing us to instantly recognize solutions to the most complicated situations, such as reorganization, capital restructure, sales, and mergers.
Our services in this area are centered on generating liquidity, stabilizing business operations, and restoring key relationships with vendors and lenders while developing an effective restructuring strategy. Our battle-tested professionals have experience in crisis management, organizational realignment, loan restructuring, workouts, and recoveries, among other areas.