Portfolio Valuation Services

Madison Street Capital provides ongoing portfolio valuation services for a diverse set of asset management clients. Our team of portfolio valuation experts understands the severe risks caused by inadequate disclosure regarding complex and hard-to-value investments. Given the material impact that the measurement of certain riskier investments can have on net asset value, it is vitally important to retain highly experienced financial professionals – like those at Madison Street Capital – assist in providing the correct and accurate fair values.

Investment management firms depend on the validity, accuracy, and integrity of security pricing and portfolio valuation services. Madison Street Capital has decades of valuation experience in providing clients with objective, independent, and defensible opinions of value that meet all accounting and regulatory requirements. We combine technical expertise with best-practice financial modeling techniques to complete complex financial instrument and portfolio valuation.

Our vast experience in both the audit and financial valuation segments establishes us as a service provider renowned for dealing with the most complex and hard-to-value securities. Madison Street Capital’s senior leadership team thoroughly understands the level of independent support required for auditors to issue a positive opinion, which in turn leads to an efficient and more cost-effective period-end process. Madison Street Capital’s reputation as a premier service provider to asset managers worldwide is built upon years of extensive industry knowledge combined with highest levels quality and service. We consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, starting with identifying and defining client needs, creating a customized work plan, and then executing that strategy in a highly sophisticated and responsive manner.

Madison Street Capital Provides Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Portfolio Valuation Reports of the following types of Complex and Hard-to-Value Assets :

Private Equity and Debt Investments
Mezzanine Debt Securities
Distressed Securities
Mortgage-Backed Securities
Asset-Backed Securities
Cash & Synthetic CDO & CDO2 Tranches
Life Settlements
Real Estate Loans and REO
Structured Investment Vehicles
Exotic and Complex Derivatives
Fund of Funds and Other LP Interests
Other Illiquid (Level III) Securities