Bankruptcy Services

Madison Street Capital offers high-quality and efficient administration of bankruptcy claims, management, and reconciliation services to companies in bankruptcy. We differ from our competitors in that we take charge of the bankruptcy administration process and offer skilled professionals with an extensive set of credentials to analyze, manage, and negotiate, which provides more value. With decades of combined experience in bankruptcy claims administration, we handle all data management, offer claims financial projections, and claims tracking from inception date to final resolution.

Madison Street Capital works closely with the debtor’s claims counsel to prepare procedural claim omnibus objections for invalid claims that have been filed against the firm with the bankruptcy court. We also served as the liaison between the client, creditor committee, and the creditor’s and claimant’s legal counsel to provide current and timely reporting, projections, and inquiries of claim status at any time. Madison Street Capital ensures quality, cost-effective management so companies in bankruptcy can convert their challenges into opportunities and revitalize their businesses, with an emphasis on swift and pragmatic assistance that helps protect the financial and strategic interests of our clients.